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The fintech TheLogicValue, based at Espaitec, has been selected to participate in the programme «Entorno Pre-Mercado» to promote its entry to the Stock Exchange

Feb 04, 2018 Espaitec

The start-up TheLogicValue from Castellón participates in the Madrid Stock Exchange during a presentation event held on 6 February, which brings together the companies selected for the Entorno Pre-Mercado (Pre-Market Environment) programme with the main agents from the investment ecosystem in the technology-based SMEs domain.

This programme provides start-ups with a training and learning space that facilitates necessary knowledge to access different forms of financing, including access to Securities Markets. As explained by Lorenzo García, the General Manager of TheLogicValue, «for us forming part of Entorno Pre-Mercado means taking a step forward and we are going to make the best of this new scenario we have been offered».

The Bolsas Mercados Españoles (BME) Group (Spanish Stock Exchange and Markets Group) has developed this programme, whose objective is to provide a solution to one of the biggest problems faced by start-ups daily: financing. This initiative arose in November 2016 to facilitate start-ups’s access to capital/investment markets and to help them seek new investors.

This project was launched along with the Big Ban angels association so that start-ups can access new investors and know how the Stock Market works through promoting access to private investment. BME’s mission consists in being the reference of the financial markets and systems in Spain to help search for quality service and innovation in its markets and services.

TheLogicValue analyses listed companies, investment funds and fixed-income securities in a single integrated management solution with normative reporting; i.e., a technological solution that facilitates the company’s evaluation process for investors and financial advisors in order to increase a company’s transparency for potential customers and investors.

Of the Espaitec-linked companies, we stress that Soluciones Cuatroochenta was selected for the programme’s first edition. Its participation in Entorno Pre-Mercado has helped to set the bases for it to opt to enter the Stock Market by modifying the company’s system and structure to make it more transparent and reliable.