Espaitec is organising a new workshop as part of Recicla’t Espaitec to respond to the challenges that companies face. On 7 October, the workshop “Refinancing and Restructuring Strategies in Times of Crisis” will be held. This training is based on two main themes: labour law and commercial law. It will be given by professionals from the prestigious Gómez Acebo & Pombo law office.

Today’s economic crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic has strongly impacted companies. Two main challenges that companies face during this period are loss of financing sources and the way in which to restructure human resources. With this online session, we wish to offer the business fabric in the province of Castellón the chance to extend knowledge about these important matters for firms’ future.

The Session’s Schedule

The first part of the online workshop will be given by Alicia Olaso, a senior lawyer in the Commercial area and Head of Financing at GA-P Valencia, and Francisco Fita, a Managing Partner from the GA-P Valencia office, who both specialise in business refinancing. The second part will be given by Juan Antonio de Lanzas, Head of the Labour Area at GA-P Valencia.

The first part will present businesses financing and refinancing processes. Firms are having to make decisions like refinancing their debt to solve their present cash problems. This part of the workshop aims to prepare companies with key questions and practices among various types of refinancing agreements with financing creditors so they can diagnose the situation caused by the difficulties they face, and conclude what the most appropriate type of restructuring or renegotiation agreement for their debts is in accordance with its implications and effects.

The second part will be about the employment-related measures taken during the health crisis, their effects on labour relations and the future forecasting of new measures. Here the objective is to provide the participants with the necessary tools to adapt their personnel and business activity to today’s new reality.

This free training is given via the Zoom platform from 16:00h to 18:00h. Anyone interested must register using this registration form before Tuesday 6 October as workshop attendance is limited.