On 30 September, the online “I UJI Event to Boost Creating Spin-Offs” will take place, promoted by the Vice-Rectorate of Research and Transfer of the Universitat Jaume I. This event is organised by Espaitec, the Science and Technology Park of the UJI, and is financed by the Valencian Innovation Agency (AVI) via its line of action for Supporting Innovative Entrepreneurship.

The objective of this virtual event, which forms part of the Tech2Business project, is for Universitat Jaume I (UJI) research staff to know about the possibilities offered by a Spin-Off being created. This business initiative is promoted by university community members, based on generated knowledge and research results.

The event’s schedule

The event includes themes about the necessary administrative proceedings to build your company, as well as the subsidies or aid that your spin-off company has access to. In this part, Ismael Rodrigo, the Head of the The UJI Cooperation Office for Technological research and Development and María José Tomás, a technican from the Centre for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI) will participate.

The Managing Director of Espaitec, Juan Antonio Bertolín, will share with those attending the different support programmes to create companies that the park undertakes. This event will also be attended to by successful spin-off companies like Expander Tech (Universitat Jaume I), Bioinicia (Universitat de València) and Iquarobotics (Universitat de Girona). Representatives from all three firms will also share their experiences in the setting up, growth and development of their initiatives.

During the event, the “Rapid Guide” to create university spin-offs will be presented. This guide is for research (permanent and training) personnel to guide them about putting into practice a business project based on research results that aim to generate innovation.