Espaitec collaborates in the European 200SMEChallenge Project, along with six other countries. The project mission is to improve the usability of the applications and digital technology products developed by firms from the corresponding regions during a participative process known as “UX Innovation Challenge” based on “Design Thinking” methodologies.

This methodology implies holding a 2-day event (hackaton) in which eight organisations will participate after being selected from among all the candidate companies. During this period, student teams from the Universitat Jaume I will propose improvements in both the design and usability of the digital products put forward.

Each team, called “solutioners”, will be in charge of testing a digital product and analysing its usability by proposing improvements to optimise the studied product’s operation. With the proposed improvements, minor developments will be made by solutioners. Finally, the company will be able to accept or reject the indicated changes.

Participation is free for the selected firms, and will help to improve the design and interaction of the digital products made by the companies in our area by using “Design Thinking” as a co-creation tool with university communities.

SECOT will also collaborate in the 200SMEChallenge Project as a team of mentors to help to revitalise teams thank to its experience. To participate in this project, an application must be sent over the website before Tuesday 15 December.

In the 200SMEChallenge Project, other partners will participate: the Hub Innovazione de Trentino Club (HIT) and Fondazione Bruno Kessler from Italy; Steinbeis-Europa Zentrum from Germany; the Dansk Design Centre from Denmark; the Lithuanian Innovation Center from Lithuania; Tehnopol from Estonia; Business Oulu from Finland.