The I-care firm, located at the Science and Technology Park Espaitec of the Universitat Jaume I, launches the “Wi-care Service”, which makes it the first provider of industrial services to offer the wireless vibration monitoring process as an OPEX solution, and contributes to more efficient Industry 4.0 implementation.

I-care, which specialises in predictive maintenance and reliability, has conducted market research and found that many companies are willing to take the step towards Industry 4.0 but, as it is a slow costly process, they continue to work without updating their maintenance plan. So I-care opts for a model that offers the possibility of quickly and easily implementing new technologies.

Data play a key role in the “Wi-care Service” by helping to select the most suitable data collection method for each firm. Analysts convert data into useful information and KPIs that customers can consult on dashboards. With these data reports, customers can proactively act to reduce costs and to prolong activity times.

“Wi-care Service” does away with the initial investment required to monitor equipment as it follows an OPEX model and includes all the processes needed to perform a wireless vibration analysis at a set cost.