On 17 September we organised a new espaitec networking event in order to establish personal links among our Park’s companies, which lead to mid-term professional synergies. The companies that belong to the espaitec ecosystem were invited to this in order to reflect on key values for business management. A debate took place and completely different points of view were shared.

On this occasion we got the espaitec-linked companies involved in a genuine American-style “Auction of values”. The companies that attended were mixed into groups made up of representatives from various companies, who had to opt for the values that they considered necessary for a company to work. Each group were administered 100 espaitecs to bid for the 21 values being auctioned, values that the groups discovered as they went on offer. In this way, each group had to adopt strategies to decide on their bidding priorities, which involved speaking with each other and explaining their points of view.

The values that were bid the most, that is, those that espaitec companies considered the most important, were a portfolio of customers, a communication strategy, good initial capital and talent, which were bid 60 espaitecs each. These values were followed by R&D&I with 45 espaitecs and having good contacts with 40 espaitecs. The ranking of values continued with 25 espaitecs for bidding values like corporate social liability, prescriptors, good working atmosphere and Free Friday. The least voted values were legal and trade union cover, incentives for workers, extra pay for holidays, and medical insurance with 15 espaitecs. Finally, the values of flexible timetables, ethics and professional deontology were bid 10 espaitecs.

These events form part of the series of revitalising actions to reinforce the feeling of belonging to the espaitec innovation ecosystem. These actions are financed by the Regional Ministry of Education of the Regional Valencian Government (Generalitat Valenciana), whose objective is to promote business synergies and collaboration projects among espaitec-linked companies.