The new stage includes increasing capital, new shareholders and technological innovation projects at the Tier IV Centre in Castellón.

Walhalla is starting a new stage with major changes, including increasing capital and obtaining new private shareholders with plenty of knowledge and experience in the sector. In this way it will almost completely renew its management team by reinforcing it with experienced professionals and careers in the sector. Javier Salcedo has entered to lead this new stage, along with Javier Sánchez de Pazos as Sales Manager. Both these professionals have ample experience in the information and telecommunications technology sector.

Walhalla is the only Spanish service provider to have a Tier IV Data Centre in Spain. From its innovative installations at the Science, Technology and Business Park of the Universitat Jaume I in Castellón (Espaitec), this company can guarantee maximum availability and security for services. In fact its new stage will focus on its business around this Data Centre and the services rendered to it.

A new stage that centres on security, fulfilling regulations and channel approach.

Walhalla’s business strategy for forthcoming years will focus on differential values like security and fulfilling regulations (by having, for instance, a high-level National Security Plan Certificate), its channel approach and, above all, its specialised technical support 24 x 7, which will offer swiftness, quality and closeness in customer attention. This new approach has been reflected in its new visual corporate identity with a new logo, and Walhalla’s website has been completely renewed.

As part of its channel approach, Walhalla has reached a first important collaboration agreement with Masscomm, a Global Tech solutions wholesaler, to distribute its solutions. Walhalla intends to close another agreement with a second wholesaler next year. Another of its relevant novelties is its new products portfolio. In the next few weeks, a powerful VMware cloud solution and a Kubernetes solution as a service will be launched on the market. Moreover, its cloud backup product will be renewed. Work is also being done to launch other products, solutions and services, which are expected to be available by the end of this year and the start of next year.

Walhalla will make huge efforts to communicate this new stage on the market. To do so, it will organise a series of business breakfasts when further information about these changes will be provided. It will also announce new products and collaboration deals by supplying detailed information about them. These breakfast sessions will be held from 1 to 10 October in several Spanish cities. Anyone interested can register by clicking on this link.