On 19 December, the last Castellón Global Program training session was held, which took the Elevator Pitch format, with nine selected companies that presented their projects to a distinguished jury. The intention of this last session, headed by the organiser of the Valencian Global Growth Program, José Vicente Pons, put into practice the knowledge acquired in the previous six training sessions which took place in December.

The first company to explain their project was Itecon, Ingeniería y construcción. This project involves 10 years of research activity, including research, development and the commercialisation of new highly efficient geothermal energy extraction equipment. Nostravant was next, a firm dedicated to Internet access and telephone-based services and to selling telecommunication equipment. It was followed by the firm Woman On Mars which is dedicated to developing applications for mobile devices. Silvia Paz, from the firm Outcomes'10 was the fourth to participate and to explain this firm’s project, based on researching health and pharmaco-economy results.

Grupo CIS was the fifth company to intervene and it explained its business model based on computer science services for SMEs. Then it was the turn of Sofistic Telematic Security that works on computer system security, and was followed by Econectia Uniasser which offers telecommunication services and information systems. The last projects to be presented were Universo Langur with its revolutionary formula to render Internet Access services to individual customers and firms. Finally came the turn for Digit-S, which offers counselling, commercialisation and technical assistance in technological solutions for decoration by means of inkjet printing.

Despite some of the attendees having suggested to the organisation that more time was necessary to go into certain matters in more depth during some training sessions, as they considered that 2 hours for certain subjects was insufficient, the overall evaluation made by the participating firms was positive: «I was pleasantly surprised by the first phase of this programme. We benefited from teachers with a good level who have shared their some of their experiences and skills. All this means that we know how to work with other firms in relation to our own company, which implies improving day by day. So we also extend out network of contacts, and we can even find synergies with each other. It has been an excellent experience», stated Víctor Marín, Manager of Grupo CIS.