During his visit to TIER IV of Walhalla in espaitec, the Mayor of the city of Castellón, Alfonso Bataller, accompanied by the city councillor of New Technologies, Juan José Pérez Macián, the General Director of Tissat, Manuel Escuin and the Director of Operations, Rafael Cervera, pointed out that transferring information from the Castellón City Council to Walhalla has implied gaining security, swift browsing and saving energy, and has also ensured that this information is in the best possible place.

Bataller stressed the excellent record of Walhalla, an international reference centre, which has recently received the annual European Commission Award for efficient data centres from an energy perspective in accordance with the Voluntary Code published by the European Commission in 2008.

Manuel Escuin highlighted that “The Tissat data centre is a unique international model from the energy perspective, and has also been officially approved by the British government to offer all kinds of services from the Cloud platform. It has an acknowledged prestigious portfolio of customers which require maximum security and availability to guarantee the services offered. Among the most outstanding sectors, there are gambling firms, banks, large operators, public institutions, companies from the telecommunications sector, and increasingly more medium-sized companies that wish to cut their maintenance costs by an average 30-40%”.