Actualmed has been awarded within the 7th Financing and Innovation Forum framework as the Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness and the CEEI in the Valencian Community have presented the “2012 Awards for Innovative Companies in the Valencian Community”, which annually acknowledge the most outstanding firms in the Valencian Community for their innovation and outreach into the future.

The “Creation” category award was presented to Actualmed, an innovative technology-based firm specialised in radiological systems in hospitals and clinics, and in teleradiology. This Castellón-based firm stands out for its outreach and for developing high-tech products”, state the Valencian Community CEEI on their news portal.

Apart from acknowledging efforts made by innovative firms, these awards also promote the socio-economic fabric, diversify business activities and, basically, promote entrepreneurship and innovation. Juan Manuel San Martín, Director of Innovation at the Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness, has handed out these awards. IMEGEN, the Genomic Medicine Institute firm, received the “Professional Career” award for the significant increase in its turnover, staff and investments since its activity began.