On Friday 12 September, some 30 companies met in espaitec’s installations to participate in the “Nice to Meet You” event. This encounter was organised by espaitec’s management as a way to encourage business networking, to generate new business opportunities and to identify collaboration projects among the 67 espaitec-linked firms.

The event included several activities and games, whose objective was to break the ice. This was the first action of a series of initiatives scheduled by espaitec for the last quarter of the year whose objective was twofold. On the one hand, to make the offer of innovative products and services developed internally by a set of espaitec companies known so that the Park’s companies become prescriptors of their fellow companies. On the other hand, to promote the creation of business projects in collaborating companies that enable espaitec companies to compete in national and international projects.

This action is framed within the specific line that the Regional Valencian Ministry of Education (Consellería d’ Educació de la Generalitat Valenciana) has made available to Science and Technology Parks to help perform dynamic and science-technology diffusion actions.