Within espaitec’s eLivingLabs Project framework, the Castellón-based firm TouchItEasy, which is set up in the espaitec Park, has developed a unique system in Spain based on the introduction of NFC technology into the Festival’s access wristbands. Without doubt, Rototom, Espaitec and the Universitat Jaume I (UJI) support this initiative, which has come about and has been developed in Castellón, and will soon to be the future for authorisations in Festivals.

By means of an NFC chip, which follows top security parameters based on coding and encrypting systems, the wristbands offer three functions. First, they provide information about the visitor for organisation purposes. Second, they allow users access to certain areas of the festival and the possibility of making payments by an absolutely secure virtual wallet as TouchItEasy development counts on certifications set out by the International Credit Card Processing Consortium and which are required to make online payments. Third and finally, the system allows record all movements and to perform control statistics of the festival ground’s capacity at all times.

In this edition, a limited number of this type of wristbands will be available and they will be handed out to invited guests, singers and customers so that they can see the convenient aspects and facilities that this new technology confers for themselves.

This action is supported by the Regional Valencian Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, and it forms part of espaitec’s eLivingLabs Project, and initiative in which the firms linked to the Park, UJI research groups and end users, in this case the singers and people invited to Rototom, work in and collaborate to develop new technologies that offer specific solutions to end users in an open area of experimental learning and continuous feedback.