It has been a very busy week for the UNaLab project at the Espaitec installations with more than 40 people from 10 different countries who met there for a UNaLab EU project corporate meeting.

This week allowed the advances made in the Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) in the participating cities to be verified, and to examine to suitability of continuing to seek measures that help to introduce sustainable measures to cushion the effect of climate change on our urban society.

It is extremely important to know that work is being done for a better future in cities and, thanks to the tools being developed, it is possible to quantify the progress made for the purpose of acquiring reliable data to see what impact applying these measures has. Therefore, the intention is to move from using only qualitative data to the joint use of qualitative and quantitative data.

Some measures being taken in the UNaLab project are to use roofs for urban gardening to help biodiversity and avoid flooding, the use of Green walls, working on reusing rainwater and treated water, green areas in cities and using wetlands to retain rainwater, etc.

NBS measures to implement in Castelló

The city of Castelló is also preparing to become a more prosperous city as part of the UNaLab project using NBS, which is why the idea of modifying some existing industrial areas to make them greener is being studied. Then there is the possibility of making paths accessible by using SBN, and one project’s water theme aims to avoid floods during periods with torrential rainfall. Finally, the Castellón City Council also wishes to construct a green belt to help improve the city’s air quality.