CIDET launches Edueca, an eLearning platform based on the facilitating accessibility of online learning and designed with andragogic criteria.

The Center for Innovation and Development of Education and Technology (CIDET), a company that belongs to the Espaitec ecosystem of the Universitat Jaume I since 2015, has launched the eLearning platform where training centers, teams, teachers and anyone interested in offering courses, other educational or growth activities can manage the teaching-learning process in a virtual way.

Online teaching, being much more flexible than face-to-face teaching, is gaining popularity, being one of the educational technologies with the most expansion and impact it has, by making possible, thanks to the Internet, that many more people have access to new learning opportunities . However, adults and seniors, or people with disabilities, still have limited access, mainly due to web environments that are not sufficiently simple and accessible

Edueca, has focused its efforts on two main lines: the first providing innovative adaptability solutions to the platform that has taken advantage of, for example, Jon Pera of Consulting Services Training and Business Coaching, who develops the training program of Empowerment and Employability aimed at the Association of Military and Civil Guards with Disabilities (ACIME). This online training is accessible to students with different types of disabilities. In the specific case of people with hearing disabilities, they will be able to make use of Edueca through webinars where a real-time transcription of what the teacher gives in a video class is made. Edueca also has an accessible interface according to the W3C-AA standard, which is effective for other types of disabilities.

On the other, focused on social and network learning, facilitating the learning of competences and for a better efficiency and innovation in companies and organizations, such as the Digital Opportunities Foundation (Stiftung Digitale Chancen) in Berlin.

In CIDET they work to eliminate technological barriers to education, and to make technology become a facilitator for students of any age and condition.