The Valencian Bitcoin and Blockchain Association (AvalBit), in collaboration with Bit2me, are organising the workshop “Introducing cryptocurrency and its practical use” at 19:30h on Wednesday 4 March in the multipurpose Hall of the Espaitec 2 Building.

AvalBit, a non-profit association, was created in February 2015. Its mission is to study and diffuse the Blockchain technology and ledger on which cryptocurrency is based. Bit2me, a company recently set up at Espaitec, the Science and Technology Park of the Universitat Jaume I, is a pioneer in the sector, and also in the cryptocurrency exchange domain.

The main objective of this workshop is to provide a practical vision of cryptocurrency, a type of alternative digital money, based on the Blockchain technology, which is starting to be analysed by central banks as a basis of its new legal money. This workshop is for anyone interested in knowing what cryptocurrency is and how it is used in everyday transactions to pay and be paid on a daily basis, and how it can be securely saved.

This workshop will last 2 hours and comes in two parts: theoretical and practical. The first part will present the basic concepts that cryptocurrency users must have as a previous step to use it. It will cover the following themes: Money and cryptocurrency, Blockchain: Internet of Value, E-Wallets to manage cryptocurrency; Where to buy and sell cryptocurrency?: Centralised and decentralised exchanges.

The second workshop part will teach those participating how to use an E-Wallet, and aspects of the security and custody of cryptocurrency. A practical exercise of handling an E-Wallet will take place, consisting in opening an E-Wallet and being paid €5 in cryptocurrency to perform small transactions with other workshop participants.

The aim of this workshop, which addresses the whole University Community, is so we can learn first-hand how to use the Blockchain technology swiftly, practically and, above all, securely.