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We launch the sixth edition of the Castellón Global Program

Apr 20, 2018 Espaitec

We seek companies from the province of Castellón that operate in the market, and wish to grow and innovate. Registrations continue until 9 May.

The Castellón Council Offices and the Science, Technology and Business Park of the Universitat Jaume I (espaitec) consolidate the business growth programme Castellón Global Program with its 6th edition in 2018. Fifty companies from 22 towns in the province of Castellón and 11 different activity sectors have participated in this programme.

During today’s press conference, the Councillor of Economic Promotion, Salvador Aguilella, stressed “the chance for companies from Castellón participating in this top-quality initiative can imply so they can plan their growth with no uncertainties, but backed by the best professionals”. Espaitec’s Academic Director, David Cabedo, pointed out “the quality of this programme, which includes 100 hours of training and eight theme areas that deal with everything to do with business growth and innovation”.

Of all the novel aspects of this 6th edition, the fact that the selected companies will be assigned a mentor right from the start is stressed. This mentor will be in charge of follow-up during the 6 months that the programme lasts by settling any concerns, solving any problems and answering any questions that may arise during the different training sessions, and while preparing the business growth plan. This novel aspect responds to the requirements identified by the companies that participated in previous editions, which very positively value the mentor figure and his/her accompaniment. Another novel aspect is to reinforce the Castellón Global Program Businesses Club, which is presently formed by the 50 companies that have already participated in this programme, and continues to grow after each new edition.

In 2018 action to encourage networking among the Club’s companies will be reinforced to strengthen business growth through continuous training and business collaboration. Apart from follow-up meetings to see how companies progress after participating in the programme, exclusive networking sessions for companies will be held in which prestigious speakers will participate. The Club’s companies will also be able to participate free of charge in the training sessions on business skills that espaitec organises monthly on its premises as it considers that the Club’s companies form part of espaitec.

Finally, those companies that have participated in this programme will be able to access the platform e’joint4challenge to present the challenges that can be solved by espaitec’s ecosystem. That is, the Club’s companies will be able to post on this platform the technological requirements or challenges that could be overcome by the espaitec-linked companies together, this being the network of the Science Parks of the Valencian Community and, ultimately, the  Spanish National Assembly of Technology Parks (APTE).

All the information about the programme and registrations can be placed until 9 May on www.castellonglobalprogram.com. How the programme progresses can be followed with hashtag #CSGP2018.