Yesterday, the first working meeting of the European Fusepool Project took place in Brussels in which espaitec participates as a user in the co-creation process of the different applications that will make up the Fusepool Platform . In this Project, a series of European PYMEs and public bodies participate, such as the Bern University of Applied Sciences, which leads this project.

The project objective is to develop and set up the Fusepool Platform that provide a set of applications for SMEs to use data in a structured manner in order to search for relevant information like potential partners for collaboration agreements, customers, financial resources or patents in different business sectors, which means rapid growth and interconnections with different applications and external databases.

The platform is being developed by corporations such as Xerox, SMEs such as TREPAREL, GEOX and Searchbox. The project is led by the Bern University of Applied Sciences and counts with the participation of the European Network of Living Labs.

In this project, espaitec participates as a co-creator user; “over the next 6 months, we will contribute different operational perspectives for the effective and efficient use of information that a SME may need during its growth process. Besides, we will incorporate these mechanisms into the services that we currently provide to the technology-based firms linked to our Park”, stated Juan Antonio Bertolin, director of innovation and espaitec projects, and the person in charge of collaboration in this project moreover, council member of the European LivingLabs Network (ENoLL)

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