Espaitec firms come into contact with the equivalent Moscow Science Park firms in Russia within the e'Innobridge Project, the Bridge of Innovation. This initiative began in 2011, and it aims to facilitate the internationalisation of espaitec-linked firms.
With e'Innobridge, the Bridge of Innovation Project framework, conceived to facilitate the internationalisation of the firms linked to espaitec, the Scientific, Technologic and Business Park of the Universitat Jaume I, a video conference took place this morning between espaitec firms and the management unit of the Moscow State University Science Park, one of the most important Science Parks in the Russian capital.

After a brief introduction to the type of firms installed in the Moscow-based Science Park and of the services rendered, entitled "How to raise money in Russia for high-tech companies" Science Park manager, Oleg Movsesyan, introduced all the public financing programmes underway in Russia to promote the creation and growth of technology-based firms, and how to set up new start-ups in Russia.

Among others, the services that the Moscow Science Park offers the firms based in Castellón interested in the Russian market, strategic counselling to analyse business opportunities for Castellón firms, searches for qualified workers, contacts with possible business partners, seeking private financing and project feasibility studies, all stand out.

The meeting continued with a series of elevator pitch-type presentations by espaitec firms which were either personally represented in the video conference hall or were virtually connected, which was the case of the General Director of Tissat, Manuel Escuín, who was connected to and followed the video conference from Madrid.

Of the possible collaboration agreements mentioned during this first video conference, there was that of Actualmed, among others, whose radiology and teleradiology solutions could be of interest for the Russian healthcare system as 30% of the system depends on the private sector interested in investing in such technologies. Others like Ceteck is dedicated to artificial intelligence applied to industry, whose interest centres on Russian firms in the energy sector with which to collaborate in order to enter the market. Internet Mind is also interested in reaching business collaboration agreements.

From this time onwards, both Science Parks’ management units will be able to make contact with firms from both countries to facilitate the Castellón firms’ soft-landing in Moscow, and vice versa, which reduces risks and costs as much as possible through agreements signed by the Science Parks within the e'InnoBridge Project.