The objective of it being linked to espaitec is to consolidate the wine company’s R&D&I area by carrying out several projects, among which the creation of a multimedia sensorial wine tasting room stands out. The decision to join was taken after this company took part in the Castellón Global Program, an initiative promoted by the Castellón Council Offices whose objective is to accelerate the growth of businesses in the province of Castellón through innovation.

As company manager Gabriel Mayo García explained, forming part of the espaitec ecosystem means finding innovative solutions and creative responses to the ideas that our company has thought about putting into practice all year long. It is also an opportunity to keep growing thanks to the business counselling received.

From espaitec, we see this new incorporation into the family as a challenge because it is the first company in the wine-making sector to be linked with espaitec. We are excited about starting work in the several projects considered in the Castellón Global Program, and also about continuing to promote innovation through the whole business fabric in the province of Castellón.