The Spanish National Assembly of Technology Parks (APTE), which Espaitec forms part of, has set up an online training platform called APTEFORMA with contents to train in knowledge about disruptive technologies between workers in companies and organisations located in APTE-member Science and Technology Parks.

The online training contents are characterised by being appealingly developed in various formats (MOOCs, training pills, video pills, self-training courses, guidelines and infographs), which adapt to different training contents related with disruptive technologies in the business domain; e.g. Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Transformation, Smart Cities, Edge Computing, Augmented Reality, Big Data and 3D Production and Printing.

Supporting business digitalisation and the progress of digital talent are important aspects to enhance companies’ competitiveness in changing environments. This is why APTEFORMA is characterised by adapting users via an easy-access platform that is flexible for them to meet their requirements, and includes appealing, pleasant easy-to-use training contents.

These contents are completely new, exclusive and owned by APTE. Once self-training courses and MOOCs end, users will be sent a certificate for having
completed this training.

The use of APTEFORMA is free of charge and reserved only to workers in the companies and organisations located in Spanish Science and Technology Parks. Therefore, the only requirement is to attach the top of payslips which reflects that the company is linked to an APT Member Science and Technology Park.