This morning the Medical Devices event has taken place at espaitec. It has been organised by the Science, Technology and Business Park (espaitec) of the Universtiat Jaume I (UJI), along with UJI’s Predepartmental Medicine Unit, and has been supported by the Valencia Regional Ministry of Health.

This event centred on Medical Devices, and it has addressed four experimental techniques at varying degrees as the consequence of research results from the various Valencian universities. Each panel has counted on an expert doctor in a pathology and/or knowledge area, and on a scientific and/or engineering expert who, in some cases, has developed a market-related solution in order to learn about the challenges and possibilities that the advances made offer, which are either on the market or will be shortly.

During the presentation of this event, Juan Vicente Sánchez, the Director of UJI’s Department of Medicine, stressed UJI’s spirit in and commitment to technological and biomedical development. He also emphasised the importance of organising events like that held today where doctors, technologists, patients and future talent come together in a collaborative setting, which help technology approach the market, and make technological trends from different domains known.

During his speech, Doctor José Luís Salvador, Head of the Surgery Service at the General University Hospital of Castellón, explained the drastic change that the medical sector has undergone given the abrupt emergence of new technologies. “Recently, a change has taken place in the doctor-patient relationship with the introduction of technology, because it has turned it into today’s doctor-machine-patient relationship or, in other words, the doctor-engineer-patient relationship.” Doctor Salvador also stressed the way and speed with which these technologies have burst into endoscopic surgery, which lead to postoperative improvements, better aesthetic results for patients and a significant cut in costs.

From the medical sector, this event has also included a speech by Doctor Luis Cerdá, who emphasised the incorporation of 3D technologies into odontological imaging, which means reduced radiation for patients, the possibility of doing real reconstructions and their application for implants, surgery and tumours, among others. Doctor Fernando Sánchez, a Intensive Care specialist at the General University Hospital of Castellón, spoke about clinical simulations. Finally, Doctor Guillermo Cañigral talked about automated diagnosis in haematology.

In relation to the technologies applying to the medical sector, the UJI Professor of Physics, Jesús Lancis, explained the latest advances made in photonics applied to medicine. José María Benlloch, Director of the Institute of Imaging Technologies at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, and Filiberto Plá, Professor of Computing at the UJI, are working on image diagnosis analyses. This event also included a speech made by the Medical Simulation company.