Tissat, a company that specialises in outsourcing critical mission services, has signed a strategic agreement with SVT Cloud Services, a solutions company for the business world on the Internet to jointly offer Cloud Security services (Global Cybersecurity Operations Centre) to companies.

Cloud Security is located in Walhalla, one of the most advanced data processing centres in Europe given its Architecture, Energy Efficiency, Security and Quality, which means that it can offer customers the trust that a Tier IV centre offers.

Threats presented to companies are increasingly stronger and can be divided into the following categories: human and organisational threats; threats to organisations’ assets; physical and environmental threats; human resources-linked threats; logic security threats and threats against a business’ continuity. So it is important to be aware of risks for companies, to be ready to mitigate them as much as possible, and to combat them if they materialise. Thus Preventive Security is vitally important.

Cloud Security’s personnel is specialised in Security Services; it is capable of offering Perimetral Security Services managed for companies; a Centre that Responds to Incidents for private companies (CERT); Security Audits under demand (Audit as a Service); Systems that detect Vulnerabilities and Early Alerts; Online training and Counselling. These are some of the services available on their Catalogue of Security Services, all of which are available in Cloud form.