The UJI has presented a new edition of the YUZZ programme. The presentation of this second edition was attended by Pilar Garcia Agustín the Vice-Rector of Students, Employment and Innovation in Education, David Cabedo espaitec’s Academic Director, Vicente Nebot as representative of SECOT, Juan Domingo Carrasco as representative of the winning project of the UJI YUZZ Centre, and Laura Martínez of the Increa Chair and the UJI YUZZ Programme Coordinator.

During this presentation, Pilar García Agustín stressed the excellent participation that the event had for which 25 participants had been selected to work on 22 different projects. This programme addresses young entrepreneurs aged 18-31 years who wish to develop a technology-based business idea.

The selected participants will receive training and counselling for 5 months in the UJI YUZZ Centre, now located at espaitec. Here they will be able to devise their business plan and resort to a network with more than 200 professional experts, personalised tutorship and an online collaborative work platform. «espaitec feels immensely satisfied to house the YUZZ Centre because it facilitates tutoring tasks and is a unique opportunity for participants to interact with the innovation companies in our Science Park» David Cabedo pointed out.

Once the training and counselling process has ended, the best from each YUZZ Centre will travel to Silicon Valley, the world Mecca of innovation in the new technologies domain. The best three projects in Spain will also be economically awarded to help them set up their businesses: 30,000, 20,000 and 10,000 euros for the first, second and third places, respectively. Participants will also opt for full IMPULSA Forum grants. As a novel aspect this year, two new award categories have been created: YUZZ Women and Fintech.