During this event, patients, doctors, pharmacists and academicians have assessed the
last decade as far as health care is concerned and have set out the main challenges for
forthcoming years.
Espaitec, the Science, Technology and Business Park of the Universitat Jaume I (UJI) of
Castellón, hosted the book presentation of the book entitled «The 2009-2019 period in
health care. A prodigious decade», an initiative of  Outcomes’10 to celebrate its tenth
For this book presentation, a round table was organised, whose participants were
José Luis Llisterri, the Chair of  SEMERGEN; Juan Vicente Sánchez, a Professor of
Physiology and Head of the Predepartmental Unit of Medicine at the UJI; Dr. José Luis
Poveda, Head of the Hospital Pharmacy Service of the  Hospital la Fe; Alejandro
Toledo, Chair of the  ALCER Kidney Foundation, Spain, and former Chair of the General
Patients Alliance; Luis Lizán, the Manager of Outcomes’10. They are all health
professionals from the Valencian Community and are well-known in Spain.
This group of experts assessed what the last 10 years have meant in health care terms
and have proposed measures to face the difficulties that the near future holds.
Juan Vicente Sánchez assessed the work that was presented. «The book suitably and
honestly examines the many sides of reality that health systems represent».
He also indicated the changes in the system in education terms and stressed the
necessary relation between biomedical research and health outcomes insofar as both
cannot exist without the other.
José Luis Llisterri referred to the advances made in primary health care and, during his
speech, he voiced his concern about mass consultations which increase the healthcare
demand and burden caused by the population, caused by chronic diseases. To face
these difficulties, he proposed certain actions, such as adapting professional staff to
the socio-demographic reality of the population to be cared for, or leading the
management of chronic patients’ processes in the health system, among others.

José Luis Poveda explained the pharmaceutical side over the last decade and
expressed gratitude for the efforts that the national health system is making to provide
the hospital pharmacy services with the largest possible number of professionals and
economic resources. Regarding the hospital pharmaceutical role, a profession which is
apparently linked to medicine, he stressed its capacity to focus on patients’ health
Finally, Luis Lizán and Alejandro Toledo centred on talking about patients and what this
«prodigious decade» has provided them with: they stressed the medical, diagnostic
and therapeutic advances made. Doubtlessly, however, the most relevant part is the
change that the health system has seen by placing patients at the very centre of this
system. Here these last two speakers coincided with all the others that there is still a
great deal to be done.

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