During his visit to the workshops in the espaitec 2 building, the UJI Motorsport team showed the Rector an antijamming balance differential gear which the single-seater vehicle will have, plus its 3D model, printed by the Engion university association, and all the material with which the car’s bodywork will be built.

A team of 24 students participates in the UJI Motorsport project. They study the degrees of Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Computer Sciences and Design, Business Administration, Tourism and Economy at the public university in the city of Castellón. The vehicle, designed and produced by the team, will compete in a test run, held on the Montmeló circuit on 26 August 2016. The possibility of also participating in some European runs in the UK or Germany in July and August is being studied.

The objective is to simulate a real situation in which a company of the competition contracts engineering staff to develop a prototype. Evidently, the vehicle has to offer excellent acceleration, braking and stability features. It must also be easy to maintain, be economical and reliable, with suitable aesthetics and comfort. This year the limit the vehicle can cost is 35,000 euros.

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