Knowing how to Sell to be Entrepreneurial was the workshop that started the new “Breakfasts with Talent” sessions by espaitec. On Thursday 30 October, we started with Félix Lafuente who, with more than 10 espaitec-related companies, analysed the main requirements of commercial action for technology-based firms.

To be able to sell, we need to know what we can sell and at what price. However with innovative projects, it is useful to have detailed studies that verify what customers want and what they are willing to pay for a given developed product. In other words, innovation is sometimes so new that cultural and legal aspects, among others, make its impact on the market difficult.

This is an example of the case mentioned by Biótica, a company located in espaitec which has an innovative system to detect Legionella in water by discovering in just 1 hour if it is present and in what quantity. For this company, the legislation currently in force only contemplates the identification of this bacterium type by culture-based assays, which means that this company’s novel system has become a product used only for prevention purposes.

In Sofistic’s case, a computer security company located in espaitec, the commercial barrier is related to cultural aspects. According to Diego Lleó, the Sales Manager and a founder member of this company, most customers contract this company for “fire-fighting” services or for recovering lost information, and not for protecting their computer systems, which is precisely where all the company’s information lies. “A preventive culture in computer security still does not exist in Spain, even when we know that the majority of our corporate security depends on computer security”.

These were just two of the cases mentioned while the Knowing how to Sell to be Entrepreneurial Workshop was held. This initiative is sponsored by the Generalitat Valenciana (Regional Valencian Government), and will continue over the next few months with Selling Objective programmes. We will keep you informed on our web site.