Top experts in the health theme debated today at the UJI during the session organised by Espaitec, “Actualitza’t”


The sudden appearance of new technologies is associated with a complete change in understanding not only the production and business system in the Valencian Community, but also fundamental services like health. So it is important that attempts are made to form part of the digital transformation produced by new technologies from different areas, including healthcare by using such opportunities to improve the quality of life of professionals and patients.


To take information and examples of the good healthcare technologies practices used in other regions, this event has been organised to help the Castellón society advance in issues that affects us on a daily basis and implement the latest trends and discoveries into this sector.


For this “Actualitza’t” event, top experts in the health domain have been contacted who explained how they work by using technological methods to facilitate tasks, and debate has opened to deal with these themes.


Actualitza’t was organised as a presentation-debate, and was moderated and directed by Miguel Ángel De la Cámara Egea, who presented his project ScanKids VH from the Curarte and Philips Foundations. This project is being undertaken at the Vall d’Hebrón Hospital, Barcelona, and it presents a gamified app for radiology. Its use is indicated for children before their CT tests.


This app is designed with animated Avatar characters to prepare children for tests. It falls in line with this service’s environment and is based on space scenes. Its purpose is to reduce children’s hesitation and prepares them to adapt to and submerge in a small space. The obtained result is reduced sedation for CT testing.


De la Cámara stressed that: “Enterprising in health must be done by combining technology and medical knowledge to achieve effectiveness. Apart from digital data being necessary today, they give some idea about the obtained challenges that provide us with evidence for use and successful solutions, along with competence, autonomy and sociability, to gain good experience in these places”.


María Ángeles Medina Martínez, a GP, a Digital Health Association Member and co-found of Healthy Blue Bits, explained everything about how Esporti Family can fight child obesity in the heart of families as obesity is today a problem of our society.


The CEO of Medmesafe, Clément Destoumieux, has shown how a project can be used as preventive medicine using available genetic data and calculations.


Oscar Belmonte and Antonio Caballer are UJI teachers who have presented the advantages of their project Senior Monitoring, which monitors the elderly in their homes and allows their carers and health professionals know where their patients are at all times by means of a non-invasive system.


Carlos Suso Ribera from the UJI has also participated. He explained the app Pain Monitor that monitors patients daily to know if their treatment is working properly.


Finally, the welfare resources part was indicated by Jesús Berdún, Project Manager of the Fundació TIC Salut de Catalunya, who presented the mConnecta platform.


After the debate, the intention is to obtain a report on the situation our province is in and to acquire better practices and advice for them to be applied as soon as possible. Basically, the idea is to form a roadmap of the most novel healthcare processes and technologies with proven success today.


The idea of such events is to introduce new technologies into the healthcare fabric of Castellón, to bring innovation and research to it, and to define the use of new resources which have until now been unknown.


Actualitza’t intends to act as a link between the society of today and tomorrow following a quadruple helix perspective; University, Company, Administration, Society; which allows society to be empowered to participate in designing its structure and operation to thus improve its sustainability.