This Castellón-based firm has a catalogue of equipment which solves new approaches in the world of 3D printing, whose arrival on the market has implied a change of paradigm in the creation of volumetric parts and models using computer-made designs for sectors like industrial design, architecture or medicine, among others.

In this line, Roberto Barberá and José Cerisuelo are the development partners of the firm called 3Dkits, and they have discovered that the 3D world had many requirements to cover and they undertook this business project which develops solutions for the 3D world by paying special attention to the design and manufacture of unique 3D printers in Spain as they are not cloned or replicated machines, unlike others available on the market.

In the products catalogue developed by the firm, there are several outstanding 3D printer models devised for the semiprofessional world. «When we researched the market, we identified two quite distant worlds and a niche to cover. On the one hand, we have those who are technology fans and choose to purchase parts and to build their own 3D printer at home. On the other hand, there are the professional 3D printers dedicated to industrial sectors. We have developed 3D printers for the semiprofessional public at an affordable price and with absolutely reliable technical features», Roberto Barberá explained, one of the development partners of this initiative.

Among the advantages that their 3D printers offer, we firstly find a 2 x 2 thread wirefeed system with the traction of the two wheels, which implies a continuous supply of the thread that the part is made from. The fact that it has interchangeable heads is important as it offers a whole range of possibilities as the same machine can be a printer and a thread cutter depending on the head employed. Besides, the products developed by 3Dkits use high-performance electronic plates which guarantee a continuous supply and operation at 24 W that make the printer work more quickly.

The firm is now working on developing two new products. Firstly, a modular assembly system based on mecano-style parts to create machine prototypes. Secondly, a project called «Mecarduino», which is the result of combining mechanics + arduino, and it is a free platform to develop electronic interactive prototypes. Mecarduino is a kit with mechanics, an automaton and software for end users to create their own robot and to programme it.