On 18 and 19 December, a new training workshop was held on the Hackerspace Castellón premises in the Espaitec 1 building about the CNC TEC-CAM router machine. This training workshop is included in the UJI.>LAB project, more specifically in the training offered for its FabLab laboratory.

The first training workshop about the Large-sized CNC machine was divided into two sessions: morning and afternoon. The morning session focuses on training in the VCarver Pro software, while the afternoon session centred on the workshop run to know in-depth the various elements that this router machine is made up of.

On day 2, training was of the practical kind. Throughout day 2, it was possible to test the fully operational CNC TEC-CAM with the designs that had been created by trainees the day before.

It is stressed that this training workshop was given by the technical personnel of the company Pérez Camps. Attendees were training workshop students and members of the Universitat Jaume I associations Hackerspace Castellón, UJI Motorsport and the UJI Electric Racing Team, among others.

Finally, a visit to FabLab took place, which was guided by Universitat Jaume I administration and services staff. During this visit, it was possible to observe the various machines that comprise the laboratory, such as a 3D Printer, a Resin Printer, a Laser Cutter, a Cutting Plotter, a High-Precision CNC and a Large-size CNC.