Castellón has hosted the official launching in Spain of the European ComeON! project, a social innovation initiative whose objective is for young people and seniors to interact in order to jointly develop ideas based on new technologies that improve the quality of life in their district or town.

The project is promoted by the Fundetec Foundation, and counts on espaitec’s collaboration and the Castellón City Council’s support in which the Agora Lledó International School participates, where the actions taken in our country will be hosted. ComeON! is financed by the European Commission’s Permanent Learning Programme, and is undertaken by Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, Rumania, Hungary and the Netherlands.

All the participants have collaborated to define the learning model that will favour young and senior participants’ acquisition of cross-sectional competences, such as problem solving, entrepreneurship or digital literacy, through training experience that goes beyond the subject itself and is of personal, social and community relevance.

Castellón will be the only Spanish city to participate in this European project through the Agora Lledó International School where, between December and April, theoretical and practical training sessions will be led by teachers of this education centre and given to voluntary students aged 15-17 years and people aged over 55 from areas close to the families connected to this school. Nonetheless, it is open to any other seniors interested in participating, who should contact this school.