CloudAPPi, a company based at Espaitec, continues with specialised training in APIs along with Fundación APIAddicts in Latin America

The Espaitec firm CloudAPPi continues to firmly opt for specialised training in developing and integrating software into applications (APIs). Along with Fundación APIAddicts, the main community of fans of APIs in Spanish, once again it gives its specialised course about APIs in Latin America, specifically in Mexico, to continue training future professionals in correctly defining APIs by bearing in mind their definition, security, tests, architecture, among other matters.

The 2022 edition has been held in person in Mexico City where attendees enjoyed several intensive days during which time they obtained an overview of governing APIs, knowing API Manager and successful practices, Open API, authenticating Unit Testing/TDD, reporting strategies with YAMLs and Agile design. The training course was held in collaboration with a firm that specialise in APIs, Scorce. The main speaker was the first business analyst from BBVAApimarket and the CEO of CloudAPPi, Marco Antonio Sanz.

Specialised APIs training has been given during 12 editions. It began at Espaitec to then continue in Latin America in countries like Colombia, Peru and Mexico. Participants have been certified as API Owners, which is the new role between business and technology that is capable of defining, validating and documenting an API with business requirements, but always up-to-date with the most technical aspects. Along with this initiative, more than 200 certified API Owners can be added, as can international firms like RIMAC, Bancolombia, La Caixa or RecordGo, which have trusted this training to train their own teams.

API Owner certification

The specialised training in APIs offered by CloudAPPi and Fundación APIAddicts is a pioneering benchmark course in the sector to learn to manage the complete life cycle of APIs. It is given by professional experts and can access both technical and business profiles because the approach is perfect for introducing APIfication concepts. Training provides access to the certification of one of the most demanded professions, and is apt for certain biddings and selection processes.

Fundación APIAddicts will organise its next training course in Spain from October. Spacing is limited and will be assigned by booking.


CloudAPPi is an innovating company that leads the APIs platforms management area and cybersecurity by helping the business sector during its digital transformation throughout APIs and also entrepreneurs to create MVPs.

The firm was set up in 2013 by creating Cloud architectures in AWS, Google Cloud, Azure and IBM by installing the Devops concept with all its customers, developing APIified applications (Front and Back) using technologies like vue.js, angular, react, node.js and spring, and as a partner of the main API Managers like WSO2 or Axway.