This firm produces and commercialises a sustainable modular roofing system that uses recycled plastic and innovating thanks to its fastening system

Revolutionising the building sector and helping fight climate change are two of the objectives of Roofeco Smart System, a company that has developed an innovating modular roofing system with recycled plastic whose fastening is patented that facilitates and ensures fitting, and also hides overlapping screws to avoid water filtering through in the future.

Its system is formed by five basic parts that contain conventional and nanometric additives that increase the properties of conventional roofing tile additives by as much as 4-fold, which improves the ageing properties, resistance and thermal insulation of parts.

One of the advantages of this product stands out: a square metre of this roofing weights 6.5 kg, which is 70% less than for conventional roof tiles. During the production process, 70% less electric energy is used than when making conventional roof tiles, which avoids 1.6 kg of CO2/m2 being released to the atmosphere.

The company’s business model addresses suppliers and end customers, and its new roof tile concept is already being commercialised in Poland, Germany, France, the UK and the USA.  Roofeco was one of the 14 companies selected to participate in the fifth edition of the Castellón Global Programme acceleration programme, during which it defined its business growth plan that will start to be implemented this year.

This company is promoted by Mario G. Araya Brenes and Marianella Martínez Mora. «We feel it is most important that both the raw material and the convention-nanometric additives are advanced. We believe that the Universitat Jaume I (UJI) is where such knowledge is, which is why we decided to set up our offices there. We manufacture the product in premises some 10 minutes away from the UJI», Marianella Martínez states, the Manageress of Roofeco Smart Systems.

Mario and Marianella also promote the Blue Plasma Power company, a firm that is also at espaitec and has developed a technology by two processes that evaluate organic waste. This allows lower investments, and duplicates the efficiency of more modern conventional technologies to produce synthesis gas, electricity and/or bioliquid (methylal), which is used in the petro-chemical sector and acts as a drain for carbon dioxide (CO2).  «As with Blue Plasma Power, we are collaborating with the Department of Chemical Engineering and the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Construction, we wish to increase collaboration between Roofeco and the UJI in R&D and contracting talent terms», states Marianella.

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