The company BluePlasma Power has recently set up at Espaitec after previously forming part of the innovative and technological ecosystem of the Universitat Jaume I (UJI) as a virtually-linked company.

This company specialises in integrating existing technologies that form synergies to obtain innovative compact low-cost production lines to provide an efficient and profitable solution to the worldwide non-recyclable organic waste problem. Its main aim is to provide a value to organic waste and convert it into products with a high added value by reducing CO2 emissions and respecting the natural environment.

BluePlasma Power has developed its own patented technology with two organic waste valuation processes which, with little investment, can double their efficiency compared to more modern conventional technologies to produce synthesis gas, electricity and/or a bioliquid (methylal) used in the petro-chemical sector and acts a CO2 sink. This technology reduces CO2 emissions and respects the natural environment.

The technology developed by this company consists in bio-refineries where organic waste is placed inside a photo-catalytic hydro-gasifier with plasma that converts solids or liquids into water vapour hydrogen-enriched synthesis gas by expelling minerals in the form of fine sand as waste. This can be used as manure on land or in mortar mixtures as a building material.

BluePlasma Power participates in the Life Ecomethylal Project

BluePlasma Power also participates in the Life Ecomethylal Project to produce bio-liquid Ecomethylal from non-recyclable plastic waste, which would otherwise end up in waste dumps if not processed by this technology. In 2019, the feasibility of this technique was demonstrated by Project H2020 Urbanrec, in which methylal was produced from large-sized plastic, wood, textile and foam waste that became valuable by producing methylal.

There is a two-fold objective behind its physical installation at Espaitec: reinforce its connection with the UJI innovative and technological ecosystem by creating new synergies; as it is an Espaitec-linked innovative and technology-based company, reinforce its network of national and international contacts, and its collaboration with UJI research staff, via its link with Espaitec.