This programme will allow 30 new innovative companies from the Clean Technologies, or Clean Tech, sector to make their business projects a reality or to accelerate their business. The Valencian Community is one of the six regions of the European Union which participates in this program, led by IVACE-Energía, the AVAESEN Association and the Castellón City Council.

Among its objectives, we find the identification of and support to 30 innovative companies in the efficient energy field, a sector with much potential in international terms. This programme will allow the selected companies to accelerate their products and services to reach the market through collaboration with specialised centres like the Science, Technology and Business Park of the Universitat Jaume I (espaitec).

Climate-Kic will be carried out in three phases: firstly, the model and business plan to guide the participating start-ups will be defined; secondly, this model will be validated and connected with customers to, thirdly, facilitate contact with investors.

The Climate-Kic programme is being carried out only in five European regions in Hungary, Italy, Germany, Poland and the United Kingdom. So it is a great opportunity to reinforce the ecosystem of innovation relating to climate change nationally by transforming the Valencian Community, Castellón in particular, into a "hub" of Clean Tech innovation by promoting the creation of companies and by acting as a driver of wealth and innovation to our region as the companies selected for the programme will be able to undertake their projects in the Centre of Innovation in Energy and Sustainability in Castellón.