The Science and Technology Park of the Universitat Jaume I of Castellón (Espaitec) welcomes a new technology-based company that specialises in blockchain, a technology that allows data to be stored in a distributed, immutable and secure manner, and is thus capable of transforming the way companies and institutions manage their operations.

This type of technology can be applied in various ways to all kinds of sectors, but today its main use applies to the traceability of industrial products and processes; for example, tracing a chicken from the time it was born until it reaches the end consumer. Its main advantage is that once a process has been registered, it cannot be modified or erased and normally, even though private blockchains exist, data are public and can be verified by anyone.

A project promoted by UJI graduates and students

Formed by a group of eight young computer experts and computer science students, of whom 80% are academically linked to the Universitat Jaume U (UJI), the firm works with all kinds of companies. From technology projects that centre on maximising the use of Blockchain properties and technology, to companies that require common software being developed, such as apps or webs, and also to complete counselling for business digitalisation projects.

The relationship between Arker Labs and Espaitec dates back some years as its founders previously worked in companies set up in this Park. During this period, they acquired experience and produced ideas that have given way to this new business project. “For years we have collaborated with the Blockchain community and we quickly noticed a business niche to take advantage of. So we decided to go for it”, said Nelson Marco, the DevOps of Arker Labs.

Reasons to form part of Espaitec

Its interest in forming part of Espaitec centres on supporting knowledge and experience for students who require counselling or need to know new technologies, and also on establishing collaborations with all the Park’s companies. Along these lines, Arker Labs will participate in the breakfast session “Blockchain, beyond crytopocurrency”, which is being organised by Espaitec and will be held on Tuesday 10 September. This event will deal with interesting business themes with a twofold objective: one to provide professional encounter points to encourage business synergies; two to constantly recycle Espaitec companies’ knowledge with brief training sessions. Anyone interested in this event can register on