This visit took place on 13 October as part of collaboration between espaitec and a teacher in the Department of Business Administration and Marketing, María Luisa Flor. Through problem-based learning, students of the «Managing Innovation» subject have worked with espaitec-linked companies for several months and have analysed matters related with this area.

This collaboration, which has always been supervised by teachers and responsible company members, depends on the type of requirement considered by each company. The teams of 3-4 students had to do some research into a matter of interest for companies and into the context it appears in, interpret the company’s requirements, seek possible solutions and offer a proposal backed by their reasons.

Some of the matters that students had to analyse include: identifying market opportunities and/or technologies for the company’s current products; analysing the company’s innovative capacity; examining the possibilities of protecting a new product; assessing the incorporation of a new technology into the company; seeking and analysing the possibilities of cooperating with other companies; etcetera.

During this academic year, these students collaborate with two espaitec-linked companies: The Logic Value and Facsa. The Logic Value has several requirements, of which some focus on how to place their software to evaluate companies that are quoted in different international markets. Collaboration with Facsa centres on a project that has been developed with the Ceramic Technology Institute (ITC), where the students had to analyse the market opportunities that a new technology might create by considering future marketing actions.