The Universitat Jaume I (UJI), along with the VIA University College of Denmark, forms part of the "VIA-UJI équipe", and has started the second phase of the Solar Decathlon Europe 2014 Competition with the official presentation of its éBRICKhouse Project in Paris.

The VIA-UJI Project is a town-planning proposal for creating sustainable locations with a clearly marked European identity. The aim is to create various combinations and solutions to solve population density problems, starting with respect for nature, vegetation, water and the natural environment.

While the team was in Paris, it participated in a workshop run by the competition’s Organising Committee to present the principles, ideals and concepts of the various solar homes involved. The workshop coincided with the Écobat 2013 Trade Fair where the VIA-UJI team also exhibited its work.

Solar Decathlon is an international competition which attempts to promote R&D in creating efficient homes. To this end, university students from all over the world design and construct a house that runs solely on solar energy. The final stage for the 2014 competition contemplates the construction of homes in the Palace of Versailles gardens, where prototypes will be subjected to 10 tests to determine which home will be the winner.

You can see how the project progresses on Facebook: “Decathletas UJI” and “Decathletes VIA”