This event was presented by María Dolores Guillamón Fajardo, Chair of the Castellón Chamber of Commerce; José Luis Breva Ferrer, Chair of the Social Board of the UJI; Laura Chorro Diéguez, General Manager of Family and Women of the Generalitat Valenciana; and Paco Negre, General Manager of espaitec. They all stressed the importance of organising conferences like this one, and brought together all the social agents of this province, who are directly involved in the most relevant gender equality aspects in the business domain.

The first roundtable presentation, moderated by Ana María Julián Edo, Secretary of AIGCS and founder partner of Equality Momentum, explained the legal status of the matter by insisting on having to comply with legislation on equality matters, and also on the control and inspections carried out to doing just that.

In the second roundtable, stress was placed on firms to work and show more dedication to equality themes between men and women because it is a factor of talent and more competitiveness, as well as a responsibility, to be able to bear in mind women’s specific physical and psychological requirements. Encouragement from the government to deal with this collective task has also been requested.

This event was closed by Elisa Iniesta Pérez de Gracia, Chair of AIGCS and founder partner of Equality Momentum, who acknowledged the excellent collaboration of all the speakers and the large public attending. She also stressed the predominant role that equality should play between men and women in different companies in Castellón.