SemanticBots, a spin-off from the Universidad Jaume I (UJI), an expert in artificial intelligence and big data systems, and a company linked with Espaitec, the Science and Technology Park of the UJI, has participated in the 2 International Conference on Accessibility at Smart Tourist Destinations (STD).


This conference, also known as TUR4all, wishes to make known the STD Model to deal with accessibility, which is beneficial for residents and visitors alike. It is an online event to exchange knowledge about managing and promoting accessibility among those who manage the tourist destinations in the Valencian Community, destinations from the Spanish STD Network, as well as international destinations. The aim of this event is to generate and share knowledge that inspires and offers tools to advance in implementing accessibility to territories.


This conference is organised by Turismo Comunitat Valenciana, a leader in implementing the STD Model in Spain, PREDIF (Representative State Platform of People with Physical and Organic Disability) and TUR4all. Various associations, tourist destinations, speakers and national/international firms that work and promote good practices in the accessible tourism field also collaborate.


The “Assenyalem Els Ports” Project was presented during this event, a new inclusive chatbot developed with the SayOBO platform, and implemented for Turisme Morella thanks to work by the Red Cross and financing from Obra Social de la Fundación la Caixa (Community Work of the La Caixa Foundation) and the Morella Town Council. This project was able to start thanks to the connection established between the Red Cross and SemanticBots through the Maridaje Tecnológico Platform created by Espaitec.


Maridaje Tecnológico is an Espaitec initiative that helps organisations from the province of Castellón to consider technological and innovative challenges. These challenges are overcome by the multidisciplinary solutions contributed by companies located in Science and Technology Parks in Spain.


SemanticBots offered its experience and knowledge to deal with the socio-technological challenge that Cruz Roja posted on the platform. This company also wishes to promote using artificial intelligence to support towns in rural areas in order to facilitate their digitalisation for tourists, citizens and local businesspeople’s benefit.


During its participation, SemanticBots talked about inclusive tourist chatbots, such as the projects that it developed on its SayOBO platform for the Santa Pola and Vinaroz destinations in collaboration with Invattur, Turismo Comunitat Valenciana and both these towns’ tourist departments. This company has shown the benefits that these chatbots offer to tourists with disabilities and the elderly. Some of these benefits are easy accessibility to the digital information of smart tourist destinations, while the value of these inclusive chatbots can help to improve tourist experiences at destinations and better adapt to tourists’ requirements.