The aim of the ¿sabes vender-t? workshop is to bring sales closer to the technical professionals of any discipline who need to sell. This is a crash 6-hour session in which Pablo Urbea will offer participants a basic kit to start sales with.

It is not a matter of going deeply into commercial actions or sales techniques, but a chance to obtain basic notions to make the unique and innovative products produced by espaitec firms also unique on the market they are intended for. For this purpose, Pablo Urbea will offer the keys for espaitec businesspeople to be able to build the trust required when it comes to going out and selling and learning to talk the same language as the potential buyer by explaining techniques he has learnt in his more than 18 years experience in sales.

In order to count on the largest number of participants possible, the firms that are physically set up in espaitec attend free of charge with a single representative per firm.

Firms that are virtually related will obtain a 50% discount for their first registration. There are three dates to hold this workshop: 3, 17 or 24 October. The maximum number of people per session will be 10 and sessions will take place in the e’suc Hall in the espaitec 1 building.

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