The two winning ideas were shaped during the event held on Friday and Saturday and became viable business projects. To achieve this, it was necessary that all those who attended the event, supervised by mentors from different areas, were the main participants to help develop the project.

Universitat Jaume I students, entrepreneurs throughout the province of Castellón and citizens who are curious about learning how to set up a company were in charge of shaping the selected projects. They discovered some concepts and visions that will be useful to them in their own entrepreneurial projects when they wish to put them into practice. There were 60 participants aged between 19 and 52 years, of whom 52% were female.

ResetWeekend has been the beginning of a long journey that has just began because initially developed ideas move on. This week espaitec will begin to work with the winning projects to whom it has offered 3 months of co-working free of charge and services that support creation, acceleration and business growth, all included. This support may extend to 6 months depending on the project’s implication and feasibility.

Winning ideas with a great future

Eatopy is the name given to a project whose objective is to become a reference platform for people who do not well tolerate food or are allergic. In a first phase, information will be compiled about restaurants that offer specific menus for these people. Restaurants will be the customers who will make the project profitable because in exchange for a quota, the platform will confer them visibility and access to its target public.

has developed from being a wedding list app to a platform for tourists who have seen an object while travelling, but were unable to purchase it. This platform will help these travellers upload photos of the objects, discover the shop where they can be purchased, and a network of trustworthy buyers in the visited countries will set about buying and sending the products. The expert buyers and platform will earn a percentage.