Fundación Globalis, Fundación Caixa Rural Vila-real, espaitec and the Universitat Jaume I organised this workshop to promote innovation and business growth by taking the Boston Innovation Model as a reference.

This event, which centred on innovative businesses and projects in the province of Castellón, explained the Boston Innovation Model, whose most outstanding example is Route 128, where most innovative companies with access to centres of excellence, like MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), are found.

During this event, the methodology of Bill Aulet, Director of the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship, was presented, which is based on 24 steps to launch a successful start-up. The Science, Technology and Business Park of the Universitat Jaume I (espaitec) collaborated in publishing this book in Spanish, which summarises the process to entrepreneurship in 24 steps grouped into six main blocks:

1. Who is your client? This section of the book offers the keys to divide the market, select an initial market or to outline and end user profile.

2. What can you do for your client? This section analyses the shelf life of the product/service we have in mind, our value proposal or our competitive position.

3. How can your client acquire your product?
It is necessary to perfectly know the client’s decision-making process.

4. How can you make money with your product?
Design a business model and adopt a price policy.

5. How can you design and produce your product? Define the minimum feasible product of the company.

6. How can you make your company scalable?
Calculate the total available size of nearby markets and devise a product plan.