On 29 and 30 March, the Science, Technology and Business Park of Universitat Jaume I (espaitec), in collaboration with Penyagolosa Trails and Concierta, will organise at fnac Valencia a weekend where technology, literature, food, health, tourism, entertainment, culture, and anything you can imagine, come together to present Penyagolosa Territori Intel.ligent, a Project in which territory is the leading feature and is much more than a geographical place.

An intelligent territory is that which is able to permanently adapt to changes in the game rules that its surroundings promote in areas like economy, culture, technology, etc. As people, we can manage change in creativity by respecting these game rules and by incorporating into them new guidelines, new values. So on the morning of Saturday 29 March, we will talk about the economy of values.

The evening of Saturday 29 March will be spent on what the municipal areas around Penyagolosa offer, by stressing the promotion of the actions foreseen which have a collective participation type, by calling meetings, races and festivals. We will talk about the gastronomy of the territory, particularly the typical pastries there. We will speak about rural B&Bs, the agro-food offer, wine, oil, fruit and nuts, etc. On Sunday 30 March, we will speak about the Penyagolosa Trails project, through which the mountain trails can attach value to the territory and generate an economic impact.

All the information on the various talks and actions to be given and carried out is in social networks like Penyagolosa Trails, espaitec, Gegant de Pedra and Territori Intel.ligent, facebook or @conciertasol, @TerritIntellig, @PenyagolosaTr and @espaitec in twitter.

– ethical areas and economy of values
– myths, rituals, voices, flavours and landscapes I
– myths, rituals, voices, flavours and landscapes II
– Penyagolosa Trails, a successful case