The company Outcomes’10, located at Espaitec, the Science and Technology Park of the Universitat Jaume I, brought about experts in the healthcare area during a virtual encounter held on Friday 8 May at 17:00h. It was about what healthcare organisation will be like after the coronavirus crisis, improvement opportunities and implementing eHealth.

The free webinar forms part of a series of Virtual Encounters that the Castellón-based firm proposes during this confinement period, entitled, How health care will be organised during the post-COVID period? The following people participated: Gerardo Cajaraville, Head of the Hospital Chemist of the Fundación Onkologikoa de Donosti; María Victoria Mateos, from the Haematology Service of the University Clinical Hospital of Salamanca; Ángel Luis Guerrero, Coordinator from the Headaches Unit of the University Hospital of Valladolid; Fernando Rivera, Head of the Medical Oncology Service at the University Hospital Marqués de Valdecilla in Santander; Luis Lizán, CEO of the firm Outcomes’10. He was the moderator.

The healthcare management challenge after Covid-19

Today’s healthcare crisis represents a colossal challenge for society as a whole, and for the health system and its professionals in particular. Apart from the response given to some severe cases during this first epidemic period, the new short-, mid- and long-term reality is very worrying. The health system faces various scenarios that currently have no suitable operating guidelines. Certain gaps appear and yet we are aware of some challenges that will involve specific solutions having to be offered.

Spain faces the challenge of improving security protocols given the huge number of healthcare workers infected by the virus. It also needs to gain citizens’ trust, given their concern caused by infection, in their relation to the health system. This new situation is a crossroads where, on the one hand, healthcare demand will be very high and will remain with time and, on the other hand, the same previous healthcare organisation will doubtlessly not be maintained.

Therefore, it is worth stressing that the time has come to decidedly set up eHealth; for example, using telemedicine and delivering medicines to patients’ homes; making the most of information systems to predict, prioritise and anticipate resources; monitoring health status by smartphones; adapting visits to doctors to deal with real patient requirements and no according to a prescheduled calendar; distance training for health workers; relationships between the pharmaceutical industry and professionals.

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