This programme is to help the business of the province of Castellón accelerate, and it began yesterday with a networking session in which businesspeople, teachers and organisers participated. After the phase to select projects in summer, nine companies scattered all around the province will begin training sessions this Friday evening, which will continue until December.

Among the selected projects, three are of companies in the agrofood sector, three others come from the information and communication technologies sector, one works in renewable energies, one in smart materials and the last one operates in the footwear sector. We now go on to present the selected projects.

The Agrofood Sector

The three companies working in the agrofood sector are distributed all around the province of Castellón, and they produce dairy products, oils and wines. Lácteos Els Masets is a company located in Torre d’en Besora which makes and distributes dairy products made from sheep’s milk. Belluga Gourmet is located in Segorbe and its business project is based on exploiting the possibilities that the Alto Palancia area offers by establishing synergies between the territory, gastronomy, culture and olive oil production. Finally, Viñedos y Bodegas Mayo García focus on preparing and producing quality wines and clearly opts for tourism linked to the territory and gastronomy.

The Information and Communication Technology Sector (ICT)

Three other companies operate in the ICT sector. 4TIC is a start-up located in espaitec which develops customised software. In the last few months, it has launched two product novelties on the market to manage laboratories and to purchase tickets. Boxvot is a web/app platform for entertainment plans led by two young people from Castellón, which opts for internationalisation as one of its differentiating factors from the very start. Internet Mind is the third company to operate in this ICT sector from its office in espaitec, where it produces digital publications software to publish customised bookshops for companies.

Other sectors

The other three sectors represented in the Second Edition of the Castellón Global Program include the company Nuevas Tecnologías Sili-Ter in the renewable energies sector. From the town of Morella, it offers air conditioning and hot water plumbing solutions based on the most efficient technologies. 42Tek represents the smart materials sector and this Castellón-based firm offers nanotechnologies applied to water treatment. Finally from Salzadella, Lajuana operates in the fashion-footwear sector and its business idea is based on renovating espadrilles, which is a product that has been used and worked considerably for years in our territory.