This task has been done jointly by espaitec and teacher María de las Mercedes Segarra of the Department of Business Administration and Marketing, with collaboration from the Increa Chair and espaitec entrepreneurs.

Students, teachers, researchers, espaitec-linked companies and SECOT Castellón attended this event which has two purposes: to help year-4 students from different degrees to get into contact in order to generate networking and knowledge transfer, and to bring technological and innovative profiles closer to profiles with business management knowledge; create job opportunities by bringing UJI’s talent to espaitec-linked companies with open selection processes or are interested in supporting and mentoring initiatives that emerge in an academic setting.

Mercedes Segarra, teacher in the Department of Business Administration and Marketing, and head of the Business Initiative subject matter of the Degree in Computational Mathematics and Computer Studies, stresses proposing to last-year degree students to consider entrepreneurship as a valid alternative, especially as they are about to enter the labour market. Entrepreneurship as a real professional and personal option reinforces the message of working in company; that is, creating hybrid groups that contribute added value to innovative ideas and being aware of the difficulties this entails.

Prefabricated emergency homes for humanitarian aid; wireless bracelets that can save lives; mobile applications to facilitate the lives of people’s with mobility problems; devices to improve and speed up buying in supermarkets and shopping centres; applications to improve the management of restaurants; and entertainment platforms or applications to help us organise our time, are just some of the solutions offered.