The Castellón-based company Medco, world leader in corrosion assays in the paints sector, has achieved a new ISO standard to evaluate anticorrosive protection of coatings, and provides information about the failure mode in much shorter assay times than current ones.

With this ISO standard, it has been able to standardise the accelerated cyclic electrochemical technique (ACET) developed by Professor Julio Suay of the Universitat Jaume I of Castellón which, in turn, standardises this procedure type in the paints sector.

Developed after receiving approval from more than 20 countries over 3 years of work, this is the first ISO standard of Spanish promotion in the coatings field. As an expert accredited by AENOR, the Spanish standardisation organisation, responsible for devising Spanish Standards, Medco has participated in the international work group that specialises in electrochemistry. CEN, the European Standardisation Committee, also collaborated in this project, and it will be adopted as a UNE Standard once the European standard has been published.

In this way, Medco has obtained acknowledgement of its own hallmark of security, quality and trust in developing its electrochemical technique, which technicians and researchers have worked on in the last 3 years.