The The UJI’s Careers Services (OIPEP) came to the espaitec installations to inform about the services that the UJI offers firms to help them contract personnel and to host students on work placements.

Firstly, Laura García, OIPEP’s work placement officer, explained about the procedure and the recent changes made to host students doing work placements. She stressed how convenient this procedure is as it is done completely online, and the importance of applying for students as soon as possible.

Secondly, Conchi Pérez, OIPEP’s orientation officer, spoke about the personnel contracting services for firms. Since 2013, OIPEP is an Official Placement Agency of Servef, the Valencian Employment and Training Offices. A mong the advantages of this service, it is worth stressing that firms have access to a database that includes more than 2,200 candidates with higher education qualifications. All these procedures are done online, which means that firms are quite free to publish an offer and to start a selection process.

This e'suc finished by having a quick look at the existing options available to host international students on work placements through the Erasmus or Leonardo placement programmes. In such cases, the main tool of the web site outlines where to find the best intermediary agents in Europe.

Download the presentation here