On Thursday 6 October at 09:00h a new e’suc espaitec starts. This time we will talk about the Smart Visual Data philosophy, a new way of managing and directing companies and work teams. This strategy unifies Big Data sources and combines them on many panels to offer a complete view of the information in real time on screens. Register as soon as possible here.

On this occasion, the company Smart Visual Data will participate with its project Zeus Vision, an initiative that stems from ample experience in the area of marketing, communication, business management, especially data analyses in new technologies.

Ximo González, the consultant of Marketing and Digital Transformation, and a representative of Zeus Vision, will tell us how to detect the type of relevant information for our companies to make decisions backed by Smart Visual Data’s Big Data transition concept. This will take place in the showroom that the company has in the e’LivingLab room at espaitec on the ground floor of the espaitec 1 building opposite the large meeting room.

During this presentation, we will see how today’s business management requires analysing an ever-growing quantity of data. It is not possible to manage so many documents which could indeed contain crucial decision-making data. To overcome this problem, the Smart Visual Data philosophy opts for preparing “live reports”. These reports can be consulted at any time with real-time data, without having to open a computer or look for a particular programme to access them.

This is Smart Visual Data. Selecting data which need to be monitored in a company and projecting them on the screens found in offices or shared workplaces. Can you imagine managing a company by simply walking in front of large panels that return key information??

This e’suc espaitec is one in a series of revitalising actions promoted by espaitec to reinforce networking and to diffuse innovation as an essential element of business competitiveness. Such action is sponsored by the Regional Valencian Ministry of Education, Research, Culture and Sport of the Generalitat Valenciana.