This association integrates female directors and businesswomen, and becomes a support platform for female leadership in Castellón. Montse Sans, the person in charge of the European School of Coaching, has been selected as its Chair. Almudena García, a partner of A Consultores, has been chosen as Vice-Chair, while Elena Cucala, a member of Hybris Consulting, has been elected as Secretary/Treasurer.

Once again, the Doña Lola Hotel was the scene for this group of female directors to meet, which promotes women’s professional values and reinforces female leadership in Castellón firms and institutions. As the new Chair states: “This project continues on its way to be consolidated as a network of professional women who share similar interests, in order to become a reality for society by providing talent and our values”.

NDCS is a non-profit organisation made up of businesswomen and directors of Castellón which came into being thanks to a group of female directors and their concerns. These directors are from various sectors of the economy and undertake their professional activity in different countries. Their objective is to become a platform to help Castellón women develop in the business world by favouring networking through collaborative systems to promote and lead a world network of women with Castellón as its connection.

The NDCS platform is in favour of collaborating with public institutions and private firms to encourage women’s professional development in responsible posts by identifying the barriers that can prevent women gaining access to managerial posts.